Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Gratitude Never Hurt Anyone

I am often quick to anger. I am quick to whinge and carry on. I have been rather grumpy and introspective lately and this doesn't impress me much. I am very lucky to have someone who is tolerant and so understanding, and sometimes I don't truly believe I deserve such empathy. But one thing I am, is grateful. I have been such a whiner recently, that I am making every attempt to seek gratitude in as much as I possibly can, to also look out for the positive things that make life fabulous.

Here they are, in no particular order...
a) When my kid allows me to kiss him.
b) Having a good night's sleep.
c) The first coffee of the day.
d) A sunrise seen as I do my first couple of kilometres each day.
e) Frost on rigid grass stalks.
f) Roast chicken and veggies, with gravy.
g) Seeing my parents.
h) Rain through the window and beating on the roof.
i) An inspired blog post.
j) Students having a breakthrough or using fabulous vocabulary.
k) Free time to read without interuptions.
l) When cuttings take and create a whole new plant.
m) Seeing plaits in my student's hair and the creativity of their parents with the styles.
n) Children's art work.
o) A good BBC drama, like Broadchurch.
p) Curry
q) Snuggling on the sofa whilst trying to finish a crossword.
r) Hitting my daily walking total early on in the day.

Now, I am sure there's lots more to be grateful for...but straight away, having outlined a few....I feel perkier already.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. We started subscribing to Acorn TV...all British series. It's been amazing! For a very cheap price. (I think it's like $5/mo. Maybe 10 at the most, but I think $5.)

  2. An inspiring list. Today I am grateful for a relaxed evening with my family. X


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