Saturday, 30 June 2018

Decluttering The Decluttered

Our house is a very minimalist sort of place. When we finally move to our new house, it won't take much. One trip in a hired, small truck. And that's because of our beds and fridge. But I am on the lookout for prior 'still-to-get-rid-of' items. I don't want to take anything that has no purpose or reason to be in our lives. Why lug it around if it's surplus to requirements?

In contrast, we have made a pledge to not buy anything new before we move. I noticed that the moment we knew a move was imminent, I was slowly, in the back of my mind, wondering, if there were anything new we would need at the new place.

I know we will need a few new things when we move, but as yet, I don't know exactly what. The garden is much larger, the vegetable garden well established and much outdoor living type things that may need to be addressed. But as yet, neither of us know exactly what is required.

So we're buying nothing, until a real need appears.

So in the interim, i'll be rehousing a few things and adding nothing to the current items in our house.

The easier it is to move things, the less stress there'll be.


  1. That last comment is so very true. When are you likely to be moving?

    1. As soon as we can sell the house we live in..I am impatient.

  2. Sounds like you'll have a super smooth move. As I very gradually get rid of things here, I am making sure than more stuff doesn't come in to replace it. There's very little need for anything else! Meg:)


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