Sunday, 24 June 2018

"But you've Got To Have Some Fun Franny!"

H and I do a lot of walking. We live in a nice peaceful suburb, which has plenty of safe walking paths, with quite a bit of nature (for a suburb). I aim for at least 11 000 steps a day, though mostly more. I use my ipod as a step counter, it seems pretty accurate and it does all kinds of things like graph your steps from the day you begun using the app. It tells you when you've walked as far as Europe, different countries, rivers etc, when you're most active and so on and so on. I like statistics...well ones that mean something to me, anyway.

Basically, if I can walk, read, have a coffee, mess about a bit in the garden and learn something interesting, I am set. Don't need anything more than that.

So the other day, we were talking retirement in a group situation. A friend of mine was making a comment about how well I can save, how making so-called sacrifices now, was paying off for me in the long run. I replied with my usual "Oh you know, it doesn't cost much to entertain me, walking, coffee, reading...that's me, happy!". Another person in the group answered, incredulous...

" Yes, but you have to have some fun Franny!"

And that I guess is the crux of this post, she's still scrabbling about working in her mid-sixties, and i'll be retired significantly more quickly. When there's a late 4 or early 5 at the beginning of my age.

I'm not belittling this person, she does exactly what is right for her. But what is right for her, is not right for me. And the presumption that what I do, doesn't constitute fun, is where the difference is. My fun costs pennies, hers costs thousands...(big posh car, overseas holidays...) and that's fine. But one does not "win" over the other, one simply allows different choices at different times. And one of the choices also allows me to walk my neighbourhood, take cool pictures and then post them, doctored, on our blog!



  1. Yes, to each our own. Although I'm sure she walked away from the discussion and never gave it another thought. i.e., I'm sure she meant you no harm. :)

  2. That reminds me how grateful I am for discovering the joys of simple living! For me it’s a cup of tea (well several), cooking with things I’ve grown and not feeling I need to buy anything. Really enjoying your blog

  3. Love your blog. I do enjoy the simple pleasures you're talking about and others as well (reading free books from the library, running and hiking with friends, puttering about the house) and could care less what car I drive. But I also love to travel and explore other places/cultures and hope that will be a big part of my own retirement. Luckily I love my job and am in saving mode as my plan is to retire in 3-4 years when I will be 61 or 62. I also hope to downsize and reduce housing costs at some point. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. I love simple pleasures too much like your but would add sewing, crafting and volunteering to the list.

  5. I know so many people like that lady. I don't need vacations that are $10,000. I am very happy with a cabin in the woods and doing all of my own cooking, going on hikes and just relaxing. What works for me only has to work for me.

  6. Your fun sounds surprisingly like my fun. Walking trails in the woods near my house, coffee, tea, baking treats and reading library books. Seems to be all the fun I need.

  7. my kind of fun too. ..and i live on the coast, so add sitting in the quiet of low tide.


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