Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Things Begin To Gather Momentum

I'm feeling pretty chipper today. I found some professional learning online I want to do. The course is for teaching mindfulness to children and I have wanted to do something a little bit more official with this for some time. Nothing came up, until now. So I was thrilled last night when meandering about on the interwebs, to find a course only a couple of hundred kilometres from me.

I don't like to expect things, so I asked my boss if I could have LWOP to go and I would pay for myself. She replied, that as it is in keeping with our school's development plan and she had been planning giving mindfulness session to small groups, not only could I go, but I wouldn't have to take LWOP and I could get a reimbursement for a hotel room. Yippee.

This feels very good. I will find myself a backpackery type place to stay. I like it simple and I am grateful at being able to go, so I won't cost them more than I have to.

This feels like I am really doing something in keeping with my loves, interests and beliefs.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments re my choice to also kick back a little with my working hours...I appreciate the support. I also LOVE to hear how you've all gone about it yourselves. Very inspiring.


  1. The course sounds brilliant and it's lovely that your boss has okayed it AND is forking out for the cost.

  2. This is great and so needed for kids. Good luck with the training, what an extra bonus that work is supporting it.

  3. Missing your posts and hoping all is well for you.
    J x


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