Saturday, 19 May 2018

A Joint Commitment

Danny and I are a little more cuddly that we wish to be. I don’t mean in the loving sense, cuddling is always good in that regard. I mean in terms of body mass.

So we have recently changed our diet a little to encompass a more ketogenic way of eating. I too, have had some hypnosis, which I might add has had me sleeping better than I have in years. Even getting up on a morning has been so much easier. I’ve upped my walking regimen and am feeling very optimistic for both of us.

It appears that both of us have amazing cheekbones, even for two middle aged people, like us.

So you’ll be hearing a bit more on here about our health journey. There’s nothing like blogging to keep a person focused. At present I’m sat here, after a walk, listening to a Jane Fonda health book on Audible...there’s nothing like books and audiobooks to keep you on track too.

How’s your health these days?


  1. I'm looking forward to reading about that.
    I'm getting fitter again after my op and starting swimming and can now run upstairs! I still have weight to lose but I'll get there.
    Good luck on your journey!
    J x

  2. I'm really interested that hypnotherapy is helping you to sleep better. Did you go for help with managing your food intake and the sleeping better is a side effect?

  3. Hahhh... I need to lose weight. "Surprise!" But at 81, it's not easy.

    We do eat in a healthy way. No fast food, or like-fast-food at home. I can't eat desserts, etc. because I must eat Gluten Free. My husband is fine. I am overweight.

    I am so happy for your progress, as I am reading here, backwards. :-)

    A 'Nana'


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