Sunday, 1 April 2018

Weekly No Spend Update (5)

If You Look Carefully You Can See Danny Between Two Rocks
It's been an expensive and luxurious week, I can not tell a lie, so it's typed here for all to see, we have no secrets do we readers ?


27/3- NSD



30/3- $35- My 1/3 of a birthday cake for my mum (shared the cost with sister and sister in law).
$81.60- Dinner for three of us at the restaurant for my mum's birthday. $50 for my mum's gift. $10.65 for nibbles at my mum's evening soiree.

31/3- Had to buy winter veg seedlings and seeds from the garden centre, including a passion fruit vine $28.07

1/3 The three of us (Danny, H and myself) took a 400 kilometre road trip. We travelled down the east coast and stopped at a cheese factory for lunch. I was overcome with excitement and we splurged on a lovely lunch. As a result $61.50 was spent.

As well as a lovely trip to the beach, we were on a reccy to look at some areas we weren't familiar with. As we are after the purchase of a piece of land, nothing too obscenely huge, we wish to explore some areas rainforest/beachy that we're not familiar with. I felt ok about spending the money today as I do tend to save in some regards so that we can go off and do things now and then, without it biting into my fastidious saving. I had money left at the end of the fortnight and it was wonderful to do something with my two favourite boys!

I am now shutting up shop on the big bucks spending for a while, but will leave you with some more pictures from our road trip.


  1. Such beautiful photos! Sounds like your Mum had a lovely birthday and you had a nice road trip. It's good to get out and spend a little money every now and then. I know we always enjoy that when we do. :)

  2. I find staying away from the shops is the best solution for no spending, which I guess is obvious really, it is so easy to pop in for one thing and come out with more, that's why I like to make and hopefully grow what I can.

  3. Gorgeous photos. Really lovely
    J x

  4. How beautiful -- what a great place to look for land!

  5. I think being frugal where we can, allows us to choose to spend our money wisely, as you did:
    1. celebrating with family and friends
    2. buying useful things that allow us to be more self-sufficient and/or grow our own food
    3. making memories with loved ones
    4. thinking about and planning for our future
    These are all long-term investments, as opposed to short-term instant gratification 'wants' that are soon forgotten.
    ~ skye


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