Friday, 20 April 2018

It Really Was About The Cup!

Some Beautiful Trees On My Walk Yesterday
I haven't drunk takeaway coffee for a long time, maybe the odd cup here and there over the past couple of years. Not so much as none, but a lot less than most. I don't drink it on the occasions when we go out for a lunch, and stick to free water.

But it did occur to me the other  day when Danny said that if we were going to have a takeaway coffee, even though it meant spending, if we took a reusable cup that would be a sensible compromise.

And it made me realise that when I did used to drink takeout coffee in a throwaway cup, it was never ever about the coffee. Because I said to Danny, that I didn't want to take a reusable cup, I would rather go without a hot drink from the cafe, than hand over my own cup. I would rather make one at home and take it with us on our journeys about the place. Which made me then consider that it was all about the feeling of being one of those types of women who drink a barista made coffee and swan about the place like Lady Muck. The coffee was secondary, to the image I used to want to portray of myself.

It made me think of Miranda Miranda (funniest show ever!!)

"Today I’ve begun the new me. I’m going to be the kind of woman who, you know, just leaps from out of bed and just does that… and their hair looks perfect.

They then grab a muffin from their Cath Kidston polka dot biscuit tin and head to work wearing trainers at the bottom of a skirt suit to show off they’ve power-walked it. 

They have plants that don’t die on them. Their fruit bowl isn’t full of three-week-old rotting pears because they actually eat fruit. They have day bags, an evening bag and a clutch. For lunch, they just grab a wheat-germ smoothie in between work because that’s enough to keep them going, even though at lunch time they jogged, and enjoyed it, because they don’t have flesh that moves independently to their main frame. 

And, finally, they have easy access to pens to finish a crossword at a bar where the man they decided to take as a lover the night before says to them, “Hey, last night was great!”

You know, I’ll be that kind of woman."

.....And I have never been that kind of woman...though for so many years, I liked to pretend I was....


  1. I don't drink coffee, but do like the occasional iced tea. I mostly drink water though. And I like to order the free water when we go out to eat like you do. I like to bring a reusable cup with me when we go places, but I don't always think to do that. I do when I work, but when we are running errands I am not as careful about it.

  2. That made me laugh. I wonder who is that sort of woman and, if anyone is, are they truly happy?
    J x

  3. I try to avoid people like that, I instinctively know we have nothing in common!


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