Sunday, 8 April 2018

Frugal Weekly Frugal Actions (1)

I have decided to try and include a frugal extra post each week. I can't guarantee that I will get to it every week, but I think this will be useful in drawing attention to our daily frugal actions. I am simply going to list a few of the things we do, mostly every day, that are a frugal thing for us. Whilst it may become a little samey, (so I might lessen it to a couple of times a month) it will help us to report where we have been focussed with our money/lifestyle savings.

1. Ate from the fridge and the larder
2. Danny collected old pallet wood from round the back of the hardware store for the little garage room he is building
3. I made bagels for work lunches as well as flat breads.
4. We made chicken casserole in the slow cooker with on-hand ingredients
5. Over 50% of our income was ferreted away into our smallholding fund
6. I blogged-that always keep me focussed
7. Went for a walk, no gym membership here
8. Listened to music on our free non-membership Spotify account
9. Dried washing in the sun
10. Opened the windows to let fresh air and breeze through the house. I never have and never will buy an air freshener...asthma apart, they stink
11. Poured water from the bucket in the shower onto our vegetables and plants in the garden
12. Asked to borrow a friend's dehydrator for some roadside apples that we picked
13. Made spelt bread from some aging spelt flour!
14. Picked apples from several trees from the side of the road, ate them, stewed them and dehydrated them.
15. Picked fully fresh fruit, uneaten and other food stuffs in unopened wrappers from the garbage at work (wastey-people).
16. Planted winter veg of sprouts, colourful silverbeet and rocket!
17. Picked tomatoes that others couldn't be bothered with as well as a marrow.
18. Danny made a garage bench for working on from pallet wood.
19. Had The lovely B cut my hair for free.
20. Received a lot of giveaways from generous people such as chocolate, a plastic container for freezing soup, caramel slice and a stripy jumper...yay!

That's all for now folks...come back soon...and please feel free to share your own wonderful frugal behaviours in the comments...


  1. I wish we would stop getting snow so I could hang clothes outside. We would also love to open some windows! TBG get a lot of pallets at work and in the warmer months I am going to bug him to bring them home for me. They also make great kindling!

    I am going to try growing potatoes from peels this summer too!

  2. Brilliant frugality here. We're just starting our growing season here on t'other side of the world and I picked rhubarb and chard! :-)
    J x

  3. Good List
    You've reminded me that I did this at the end of a month but I've forgotten it for March I think. It did repeat itself a bit ( my list I mean) now I shall have to go and look if I remembered it for March or not! and start a list for April!

  4. I love this feature! So much common sense, yet it's a reminder of things I've forgotten. Like the air freshener - brilliant! Why should I buy a $25 candle to make my kitchen smell good, when opening the window will do it for free? My New Year's Resolution is to not waste food, so I've also been eating from the pantry/fridge/freezer. I like to make stewed fruit with bits and pieces that have turned a little brown. They are great on top of pancakes!


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