Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Crap That Ends Up In Landfills

I don't like rubbishy little bits of crap. And I suspect if you're reading this blog, that neither do you. I think giving plastic toys away with food-like substances at particular junk food establishments is criminal..on so many levels.

So recently, I happened upon this item here. It had been left, abandoned on the table at work. Nobody ever really wanted it and nobody could tell me where it had come from. Hey, I like to ask the hard questions. It was going to be chucked in the bin, but I simply had to photograph it, so I could whinge and whine about it on this blog. But Danny stepped in with an idea, and ever since, this useless, rubbishy piece of rubber has had a real reason to live, in our house.

As you may know we don't drink out of glasses, we drink out of jars. However, this gets a bit of a (1st world) challenge when we're having hot coffee. We usually put up with warmed fingers, until this wrist band decided it would be happy to become a reusable cup holder. And, now, our little fingers stay cool.

Now, I am sure this is no great revelation to anyone. I know our readers are resourceful, creative types, who leave wonderful comments. But I have posted this thought for the day as a reminder that there are tiny, smidgy little things we can do, if we add a bit of thought to it. One little reused wristband isn't going to change the world, and doing away with the making of such superfluous claptrap in the first place would be better. But if it's here, whatever it is, it's certainly better to find a reason/way to give it another life, than to send it to the finite whole in the ground.

So I ask you, dear readers, please share how you reuse the stuff and nonsense that comes your way. Do you have a good idea for items that others would like? Beyond recycling and composting, I'll wager you all have some wonderful ideas. To see an example click here on Greg's Frugal Flipper, he's a star repurposer and a damn fine blogger.


  1. What a very good idea!
    Round here, quite a lot gets recycled by the council. There's separate boxes for cans/glass and for plastics. There's a small bin for food waste that gets converted to compost, bags for paper waste and car waste and big bins for garden waste and whatever is left waste. It can be a bit of a hassle at times but worth it really.
    Old clothes go to the hospice charity shop or to the Salvation Army recycling point and the very worst ones go as 'rags'.
    I used to wash and reuse J cloths but now I don't buy them, I have dishcloths I have made myself from dishcloth yarn.
    I reuse glass jars for my own pickles and preserved and some suitable plastic pots for freezing stuff in but, because I reuse them, the rest needs to go.
    And still there's a lot to go out, even though I try to cut waste, etc.
    J x

    1. I knew you'd have lots of good ways Joy!

  2. Lately I've been repurposing bread bag tags - they get tossed in the brassica garden bed to deter pesky cabbage moth butterfly. You can actually buy fake white butterflies to stick in your patch but that would just be silly when there are so many other random bits of white plastic ready to do the job.

  3. Great idea, I recycle everything, even use the freecycle and freegle groups to get free things, it is such a good scheme, better to use second hand and save it from the tip.

  4. What a great idea, Franny. I see these things everywhere. I even see them in teacher's desk drawers, usually given by some organization to promote their products. I'm going to use this idea, thanks. :)

  5. I just wanted to say that I love that you drink out of jars! I keep our jars and lids to use as storage containers. I might put leftovers or cut up fruit and veggies in them.


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