Monday, 9 April 2018

Apples, Apples & More Apples

Peel And Lay On Dehydrator

Put Scraps In Bag For Chickens

Turn Borrowed Dehydrator On

Place Dehydrated Apples In Container

You know, I never thought I was an apple fan.

I’d buy them from the supermarket, mainly because they were the cheapest of fruits to buy, usually. I’d eat them out of obligation and commitment to fruit consumption, but rather begrudgingly because they had little taste and a floury texture.

But this last summer/autumn season has changed my mind. And it’s not because they’ve been free, or foraged, donated or garbage-bin picked, it’s because finally after almost fifty years, I’ve found apples that taste like apples, or how I remember them tasting when I was a kid.

We’ve stewed, dehydrated, eaten fresh (black bits and all). We’ve sliced, diced and chopped. And I have been extremely, happily, surprised.

We’ve taken apples from my dad’s back yard.
Been gifted with them from a client.
Found a few whole ones in a rubbish bin.
Found them on a remote country lane and roadside, thank you for random trees in the middle of nowhere.

And the thing most of them have in common is that none of them came from Woolworths!


  1. i love apples. The Braeburns are particularly nice at the moment.
    J x

  2. Replies
    1. Not yet. I give all unused scraps to a friend and she gives us eggs. A great trade.

  3. I’ve felt the same about apples, duty not taste. After almost forcing myself to eat them almost every day, and planting three trees in our yard, they’re finally growing on me! Sometimes, an old dog CAN learn a new trick!

  4. In one of my old recipe books I have seen a recipe for 'Apple Peel Jam', only useful if you like jam, of course, and I reckon peel and scraps being turned into eggs is a much more useful trade.

  5. We love dried apples here. They taste so good and go perfect with a sandwich for lunch. And healthier than eating potato chips with the sandwich. :)

  6. When I grew up the only apples were red delicious that were so old the skin was almost purple and the flesh yellow and floury- it took me a while to come back to apples.
    Roadside apple finds are such a windfall. I did a heap of stewing and drying with some this year. My scraps ended up getting turned into apple scrap vinegar before the scraps hit the compost. I did a post on it recently if you are interested in getting one more use out of the apples before you send the scraps to the chickens.


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