Sunday, 18 March 2018

Weekly No Spend Update (3)

Why Pay $1.25 Each From The Supermarket?
 Cost Homemade $1.50 For 8!
Greetings! Here is my latest spending update, I did quite well I think here.

12/3 Hose from hardware store (I mentioned we had to have one) $45.18
Weekly shop and petrol $150.58 and teenager's pocket money and bus money for school $30

13/3 No Spend Day

14/4 No Spend Day

15/3 No Spend Day

16/3 No Spend Day

17/3 No Spend Day

18/3 $11.05 on family movie night treats for three of us. It was an almost no spend day, but as we've not had a family movie night for a while, we splashed out. For your information we watched the 1994 movie Little Rascals. Danny has been trying to get our son to watch it for ages, as he is loathe to watch anything other than horror, so it was a big achievement.

I deliberately don't mention in my weekly spending updates anything such as power, mortgage, water, car rego, rates, and so on. We pay school fees at the beginning of the year and they are non-negotiable, so I wouldn't mention them. These things are not a choice. I don't know whether to mention things like our son's bus fayres  and pocket money as both of these are standard and don't change. In future I probably won't mention anything that is something we can't get rid of or eliminate. My point of the No Spend Lifestyle is that we are not spending on anything other than necessities. Some things have to be paid for, these don't deviate.

The only slight deviation is the occasional item of clothing, our food and petrol and some household necessities. So in case you were wondering, we do have all the same bills as other people, but as these are not things we can eliminate, I won't write about them.

I hope that makes sense.


  1. I think that's really sensible. After all, you have no control over the non-negotiables, no power to reduce them or not pat out on them. You've done brilliantly and those bagels look fantastic.
    J x

  2. Those bagels!!! I wish you'd do a blog post on those bagels! Yum! :-)

    1. I will, they were really simple. I am not a good cook either.

  3. Never thought about making bagels. Good idea.
    ~ skye


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