Sunday, 4 March 2018

Weekly No Spend Update (1)

This no spend malarkey is a lot of fun. It’s such a cool, fabulous, game to play. It encourages creativity and planning, good timing and thoughtfulness. I love it.

This is supposed to be a weekly update but as I have decided it should be a Sunday thing, I have gone a little over this first time. So, how did I do ?

23/2 No Spend Day
24/2 No Spend Day
25/2 $118.74 on food and $40.30 on petrol ( I only pay this fortnightly as Danny and I pay for the food alternate weeks).
26/2 3 dozen eggs costing $9
27/2 No Spend Day
28/2 Our son needed new clothes as he only owns one pair of jeans and very few tops. So $70 was spent and he is dressed for quite some time now. I also took out $100 for a wedding gift and a birthday present for close friends/family.
1/3 No Spend Day
2/3 No Spend Day
3/3 No Spend Day
4/3 No Spend Day

Both the presents and clothing were one offs so were items which you are unlikely to see occurring often. I am pretty pleased with the last ten days and look forward to improving on it as and where I can.

It has been no hardship for me and I feel like there is nothing I lack at all, if anything I feel richer because my focus is becoming more about what truly matters.

This is sooooo much fun!


  1. I think you've done really well. As you so rightly say, some of it is a one-off and the petron is an essential as well. Seven out of ten days are no-spends. 70% is really good.
    J x

  2. Well done I have been trying to do this for a while sometimes failing miserable. I am going to do what you have done and blog about it on a Sunday. That might make me think before I hand over my hard earned money.
    Have a nice day Donna x

    1. Because I’ve had to write it down and be honest I really feel it has made a difference.

  3. Good Job!

  4. Good job!
    Writing down my spending helps me see and remember where the money goes. And it certainly goes...
    ~ skye


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