Saturday, 10 March 2018

Using The Library Is Like Shopping, But Better

A Recent Borrow
I abso-flipping-lutely love the library.

Even though when you go into the large city library it's a bit tricky to find books these days (they're hidden on the second floor)..I still love it.

Luckily I don't have to go into the city more a than once a month or so, and I prefer to use the country mini-library (to keep it open) and order the books in. Using the library online to order books is a fantastic way of getting a 'shopping fix' without spending money.

I don't miss shopping. In fact I loathe it in all forms, but being able to put books onto a wish list or order list fulfils that occasional need to obtain. What's great is that for a short while the books are in your possession, and then you can release them again. No clutter, lots of learning.

Not only that, but the library also eliminates the need to purchase ebooks these days. This is great because I did used to spend about $15 a month on ebooks. Now, with the Overdrive app, I can borrow over 10 000 (and growing) ebooks from my library. I also have a wish list on the app too, so I get my fix, whilst spending nothing.

Going to the library was something I did a lot, when I was a kid. As a much older person I still use the library, but do go for long periods where I don't. Mainly because I have lots of ebooks on Kindle and ibooks and I binge on them for a while. Luckily and happily, both Danny and I are both huge readers. We love to sit (slouch) for hours reading in silence. Occasionally one of us will get up to make a hot drink or go for a pit stop. But we can sit for hours, reading, and usually holding hands- though this does get tricky when turning pages.

It makes me sad that a lot of kids don't like reading. When I do happen upon a child who likes reading (and I am thinking of one particular young lady ploughing through Harry Potter right now) it makes me very happy. How much we can learn through reading! How many fabulous worlds, places, situations can we immerse ourselves in? How many times can we find a character or situation in a book who we can relate to and then feel understood as a result?  And, come what may, I believe that any child/adult who reads, regularly, has a far more holistic and vibrant view of the world.

Vocabulary and imagination are cornerstones for future success- and there's nothing boring about living a happy and successful life.


  1. I discovered overdrive app a couple of years ago, its just fantastic. I get audiobooks ebooks and all the latest titles. What a great service eh?

  2. As part of my Frugal February I headed back to the library. I had forgotten how fabulous it is! I am hooked...again....just like that.

  3. 'Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.' ― Mark Twain
    ~ skye


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