Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Saving Money On Food Is Simple!

Since making every penny work twice as hard, I found I was still spending too much on food. This has become over 50% improved in the last four months as I document my much lower food bills on this blog. Danny is very adept at creating food and ideas for dishes with the contents of our larder and I am finding it easier and easier. With the added incentive of cutting our food bills by at least 50%, I too am improving out of sight. I am truly noticing it in our budget and certainly noticing the extra I am able to save as a result.

Throw in foraging and refusing to waste anything...even if it looks like it might be on the turn.....and we are getting better and better...

But it occurred to me. I weigh more than I am comfortable with, seriously. I'm not overly-big, but I am far bigger than I am comfortable with. The only reason I can think, is that I eat way too much. I know I can lose weight easily, especially when I do some light exercise, so I know, and if I am truly honest, that my reason for being a bit of a chubster, is that I am still eating too much.

In reality, I believe that if I halve the amount of food I eat and not wantonly eat seconds or thirds, then I would notice a big change quickly. I still eat some sugary stuff and I know cutting this back would make a difference. But the real realisation is that I do eat more than enough. I know when I am sated, which means I can stop eating. But I often continue without thought, because like Everest...the food is simply just there...waiting to be eaten.

So, if I cut back my portion size, and am still full, then this will help. Not only this, but it will double the length of time it takes to eat food and as a result, cost even less in food costs, because i'm stretching what we do have.

I'll try it, let you know how I go!


  1. A good way to go. I've found it works a real treat! Saving money, saving calories.
    J x

  2. Such a good idea! I do this when I feel those few extra pounds creep up. Works much better than all that so called diet stuff.

  3. Eating slower helps me eat less. Also, I drink a glass of water before meals.
    ~ skye


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