Thursday, 8 March 2018

My Social Media Life...(Or Not)

ILONA inspired me with this post, when she brought up the topic of whether it was worth involving oneself in TV watching. I love the cut of her jib!

And I got to thinking about media/social media type things and thought I would share my own thoughts.

Of course these are only my personal reflections, take or leave as you see fit...

1) Facebook- I don't have Facebook. I used to, briefly, because there were some good sites and recipes. But I never made any of the recipes I saved, so I got rid of it. I also talk to the people I want to talk to and don't need Facebook to do it. I do use messenger as my messaging service though, as it is quick and effective.

2) Mobile phone- I carry it in case my mum rings me. She never does, I never use it and spend about $30 a year on credit. I would love to chuck it out.

3) Ipod/ipad-  I do most of my messages on my ipad and ipod. They add a lot of good stuff to my life, including the ability to blog, speak to my people, count my steps and take photos.

4) The radio- I detest the radio. The stations local to us are so poor, amateurish and generic. I don't want to listen to Brian Adams 50 times a day. Cheap local advertising pisses me off and unless it's  ABC classic FM, I'm not interested.

5) TV-We  went for a long time without any TV. I bought one for Netflix and Youtube. We never watch free to air TV, and in reality I wish I'd never bought it for Netflix or Youtube. My ipad could have sufficed.

6) Netflix- This brings me value. we all can find something we enjoy. We do try to show restraint though.

7) Pinterest- I love Pinterest. Lots of good ideas for work and the kitchen, as well as the garden. This brings me value!

8) I don't have any games on my ipad/ipod. I don't have Snapchat or Instagram or any other social media apps.

9) The library- I LOVE the fact that's a whole blog post alone! The library rocks my world. I also use the library app Overdrive for ebooks. I also use Kindle and ibooks. Love, love, love, not owning actual books that take up space.

10) Podcasts- I LOVE selected podcasts and listen to them on the Overcast app. My favourites are by Cait Flanders-Honest Money Conversations and my beloved, long admired The Minimalists . There are others, but these are my favourites.

11) Audible- I used to have Audible, but now I don't. There's so much free stuff, that's so good, I have no need to pay for more.

I'm sure there are others I have forgotten, but these are the ones that I have the most strong opinion for.

Do you have a favourite social media or entertainment set-up? Let me know in the comments. Have a fab day!


  1. Hello Miss Franny.
    I agree with all the above, Facebook pffft who needs it, radio gone, free too air TV gone for years now, I still have my TV for watching you tubes I find computer monitors too small to watch them on, I love you tube. Books im addicted to them I buy almost all mine from op shops as I find it very difficult to read for long on a computer.
    Cheers CW

  2. Does your library use the app BorrowBox as i have found this great no more late fees and more choices. Lisa NSW

    1. I don’t know Lisa, I shall investigate. Thank you.

  3. I enjoy listening to BBC radio on the internet. Lots of different stations - music, dramas, comedies, documentaries. I can pause it and listen to it later on MY time schedule. No commercials.
    ~ skye


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