Friday, 9 March 2018

Frugal Franny’s Friday Finds


This week it's all about books. I have finished the first one and am a little bit of the way through the second.
I borrowed both from the library, no need to own them. I highly recommend them to readers of this blog.

The Feast Nearby by Robin Mather I enjoyed very much. Filled with recipes (that I won't photograph to make- I have enough already) and chapters, season by season about her growing, bartering, foraging, and creating skills when she moved to a fairly isolated cabin after the break-up of her marriage. It's an easy, flowing read.

The second is by very well known blogger Rhonda Hetzel who explains, in this tiny tome, about how and why she began living The Simple Life. I love this book. I'm not religious, but if I was, I would call this my bible. It's almost like she's got inside my head, and articulated, far more effectively than I ever could, about the how and why of making a change from living like everybody else, to really LIVING.

I totally love it!

So there we have it, two hot recommendations for the week. What simple living style books or sites are on your radar right now? Please share below so we can all benefit from one another's reading, searching and discovering.

This is the second in a weekly series of useful and interesting resources. They DO NOT contain affiliate links, because I’m not interested in encouraging extra spending. Hopefully what these posts will contain are useful and motivational links for FrannyandDanny readers.


  1. An everlasting meal by Tamar Adler. Great cooking ideas when low on funds but still really enjoy good food.

  2. I'm afraid I've just finished a Potter-fest on my Kindle, so I'm not in the middle of anything right now. Your books sound great.
    J x

  3. 'Goodbye Things' by Fumio Sasaki
    Nothing really new here, but it was interesting to read the perspective from another country.
    ~ skye

    1. I enjoyed that book and have it on ibooks. You're right, nothing new, but still a good reminder :)


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