Monday, 12 March 2018

Free Food (Otherwise Known As People And The Universe Are Kind)

I know it's the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn, when fruit and fabulous fresh things are coming into their own. But what also comes into being, is people's generosity.

Thank you Sam and PML for the bag of apples and nashi pears. We scoffed the pears fresh and have been  eating the stewed apples with Greek yoghourt for days. Even our picky teen has been like a fruit monster over the apples.

Thank you random grape vine, intertwined withe blackberry bush. I see you on my walk and you always give generously. I applaud you. Thank you for allowing me to massacre (gently) your long twiny-viney arms...

Thank you Cindy-Greenfingers for your surprise tomatoes and zucchinis. I can't tell you how much we appreciate you thinking of us and leaving them on our doorstep. You have a kind and loving heart and I hope the Universe continues to provide for you in the same way as you do for others.

And BNP, dear girl. Your creativity knows no bounds. Your cake creations leave me gobsmacked. Your berry picking skills are second to none. You are a gorgeous, sweet, loving human, just like your dad!

I mean seriously! This is the last couple of days. Things appear, as if by magic. I wonder if it really is the law of cause and effect. Danny and I are never backwards at giving away to others and sharing what we have...but we are very thoroughly recompensed. It's an amazing feeling. It makes me long for a whole world where this is the norm.

I'm not religious, but it does seem to be a definite case of give and ye shall receive.


  1. That's just so lovely, thank you for a heartwarming post.
    J x

  2. Wow, that a lot of beautiful food! Those grapes look amazing!

  3. I'm loving reading all this. You are one inspiring, determined and clever little family. Super well done!!


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