Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A Slowcooker Is A Frugal Person's Best Friend

One very important item we do own in our frugal, minimalist household, is our slow cooker. Oh my, I truly don't think I could live without it. It saves us so much money and creates something out of literally nothing. If someone is coming to lunch and it's not a shopping day, I can immediately chop up some bits of veggies, add some curry powder, or sriracha, along with some coconut cream (all of which are FrannyandDanny el-cheapo cupboard staples) and we have lunch. We have tasty, delicious, healthy lunch.

As I have mentioned before, we are not recipe followers. I have been in the pas,t and all that seems to happen is that I end up with odds and ends that get left to rot. We are more of a "be heavy on the veg, think about some rice, or added cheap protein, like pilchards, or cheap tinned fish and see what happens". Cooking this way has very rarely steered us wrong.

What is deeply satisfying is having enough to make portions for the freezer too. Why even on Sunday after picking many roadside plums, I threw in the fruit with some sugar, and hours later we had very sticky and rather tasty jam like yummies.

Do you have some good ideas for the slow cooker? Do you have a cheap preference when cooking? It's such a sneaky way to feed your kids some veggies too!

And I love that!

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  1. Yes, the slow cooker is great for frugal cooking! I love using a pressure cooker, think of it as the fast food version of a slow cooker. Basically most recipes that do well in a slow cooker can be adapted for a slow cooker, since things are cooked in there with the lid on, it provides the same kind of steamy heat that a slow cooker does. It's great for when you've waited a little too long to get dinner started and need to speed things up. It's also more energy/fuel efficient than regular stove-top cooking, since it's using pressure to speed up cooking. I'm a big fan of my Instant Pot electric pressure cooker, but I used a simple $20 stove-top pressure cooker for years before I got my Instant Pot (on sale, of course).


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