Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Yearning Ache For Off-Grid Living

It's safe to say that Danny and I are completely obsessed with working towards our off-grid living home and lifestyle. We are always alert to free hedgerow food or places where we can utilise nature without taking more than we need. This morning we had a short stroll around our (sadly) still suburban neighbourhood. The stroll was nice and it's a quiet, peaceful area, so it's not awful by any means. What was great was our stuffing our faces with blackberries. Danny is far more classier than I am. He eats like a normal person. I have to stuff my face with a big handful and let the juices dribble where they may. We also happened upon some plums and picked a large bucket 3/4 full. We brought them home and took some to my parents afterwards. The ones we kept are now in the slow cooker, breaking down, ready to be frozen for yoghurt/pudding future combinations.

After visiting my parents we came home and watched some more off-grid living videos on YouTube. My strong feeling is that as time progresses we are going to get a little bit beyond wanting to wait and put off our move until the "time is right". Seriously, is the time ever going to be right? My thoughts are that we will say that the time is "right enough" and we'll just do it.

We do have our children to think about especially our youngest in high school. But the time will come soon enough when that is no longer a consideration and we'll be off, unable to fight the tide of waiting any longer.

I prepare and look forward to that day and in the interim I will learn as much as I can, read as much as I can, save as much as I can and prepare myself mentally as much as I can.

I'd say that is time well spent.

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  1. Every step, no mater how small, in the right direction is progress.
    ~ skye


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