Saturday, 24 February 2018

No Spend Year - CAUTION!

A no spend year is all very well, but there are some items that are harder to resist than others. These are items where I must endeavour to use caution. I have no interest in buying clothes, shoes, jewellery, ornaments, make-up, fragrance, sexy underwear, books, expensive meals out, overseas or big holidays, a new car or anything in that area.

But where I find the slope can be quite slippery is on the items that could almost masquerade as acceptable.

So for example, we are a house of coffee drinkers. That being said, whilst we have permission to buy carefully selected coffee in our weekly shop, we do not have permission to buy takeaway coffees ($11:00 for two - sometimes more). Well we do have permission I suppose. I don't believe in prohibition, but I do believe in finding a way round something, to achieve a similar end, but in a frugal way. So, being organised with our reusable cups when we go for a drive is an acceptable solution to the takeaway coffee situ. But, it relies on my having self-control and being organised.

Don't know why this is an issue at all, since most of the coffees I have had from a takeaway venue are always horrible. Sometimes too cold, too milky, no taste, too horrible! I am the Golidilocks of coffee and I want coffees that are just we make them ourselves. Best solution.

Then there's water. I have been known to forget to take a pre-filled bottle and have had to buy some from a shop. This is simply down to my bad planning and must be outlawed in this time of non-essential spending.

Then there's the Achilles heel of the Saturday night, feeling like chocolate/cake/crap food are required. This can be overcome with pre-bought popcorn kernels and something lovely, but not in the same league as piles and piles of junky snacks. Some nuts perhaps...

I'm not sure I have any other downfalls. Maybe I will discover some as time progresses. We do have a wedding and an 80th birthday coming up, so money will have to be spent on a gift and paying for our dinner at the birthday get-together, but I don't resent that. I don't expect to have the birthday girl pay for our family's dinner. Also my good friend is getting married and I don't mind giving the happy couple some $$ for some treats for themselves. I like her a lot and want to contribute.

These types of occasions are few and far between and they are not things that I have chosen to spend money on willy-nilly, so I think this can still fit in with my actions.

How are you watching the $$, pounds and pennies?

Today was a NO SPEND DAY.


  1. Well done on the no spend day.

    J x

  2. "I am the Golidilocks of coffee" I love this! Hahaha! I am too and since I've stopped going out for coffees so much, when I do get one at a coffee shop, I'm disappointed. We do popcorn at home too, but I like to make browned butter to put on it. It's very luxurious and is loads better than any other salty junk food I've had to-date. As for the chocolate/sweet cravings, maybe you could make cookie dough and portion it out and freeze it, then you could pull some out of the freezer and bake them. Or maybe you could make chocolate tarts or something like that and freeze them in individual slices to enjoy. Or if you have Valentine's candy on clearance where you're at, maybe you could buy some and squirrel it away for days when you want some. Just a few thoughts, for what they're worth. :-)

    1. Your thoughts are always worth something! :)

  3. Spending time or money helping or making others happy makes me happy.
    I don't consider it the same as when I waste time/money because I'm too lazy or forgetful or ignorant to consider better alternatives.
    ~ skye


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