Tuesday, 6 February 2018

No Need For Cook Books

I don’t own any paper books. And whilst I prefer them over Kindle type books, I love having the space. So for me that’s a good trade-off. I do use the library though. The last books I got rid of when downsizing were cook books, which is kind of odd really, since I rarely used them. But for some reason I found it hard to get rid of the seven or so that I owned.

This actually became easy once I found the BBC Good Food app. On there I created specific folders of the VERY SIMPLE recipes I might make over time. It’s like Pinterest but with immediate links and no faffing about.

Danny has a slightly different strategy. He buys books cheap from the thrift store or used bookshops and only usually one at a time. He likes series type sagas and will either get each one as he finishes the previous one in the set, or buy what’s available in the thrift shop at the time. He then tends to get rid of them once he’s finished.

Reading is very important in our house, as is space. As we work towards only having what we’ll be able to own in our tiny house, we are continually re-evaluating what is of use.

Books are important, space is essential.


  1. Hello, Franny and Danny,
    I have been enjoying your blog - I agree with everything you have put out there, but no books! Eek! I am rather attached to my book collection. Whenever I am stressed I need a bit of comfort reading of my old favourites. I figure that as far as emotional addictions go, reading old books is probably about as harmless as it gets :) So I will just hang onto my book collection for now..

    1. If you love your books, you should definitely keep them!

  2. I have the hardest time getting rid of cookbooks, even though I get most of my recipes online now. I just can't part with them!


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