Thursday, 22 February 2018

Lunch Treats - Thanks Kiddo!

Our kid has been cooking with granny all his life. Although having reached the dreaded 'teenage years' I feel like he is an alien being, we still have flashes of our little child who likes the kitchen and helping out. Case in point the other day. He wanted to make his school lunch for the week.

What could be easier? Spinach and fetta parcels. The spare go in the freezer for the forthcoming days and we both take one to work/school each day.

We buy the puff pastry.
The spinach, fetta, pepper or other spices are pulverised in the food processor.
Each puff pastry sheet is cut into two.
The middle is filled.
Folded over.
Pressed by a fork around the edges.
Egg washed and sesame seeds on top ( if we have them).
Baked at 180 until golden.
Left to cool.
Parcelled up or frozen in recycled containers.

One week of lunches is sorted, no need for any wasteful, expensive purchases.

Basically you can put anything suitable inside the parcels. It makes me feel better if H is eating something green, now and then. It costs about $7 for the ingredients (if we're lucky) so about 70 cents each per person.


  1. Hi. So glad to have found your blog. I've seen your comments on several blogs that I follow.
    J x

    1. Thank you so much for following us!

    2. It's a pleasure. Thanks for posting on my blog too.

  2. Good idea for a change from my normal take-to-work lunches.

  3. Yum, I love spinach and feta together! :-)

  4. Terri February 2018 at 04:24

    Yum, I love spinach and feta together! :-)

  5. Sounds delicious. I want to try making these.
    ~ skye


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