Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The Larder Was Bare...

...except it wasn't, actually.

For many years now I have tried to continually improve my ability to use food effectively and in the manner it's meant to be used - that is - cooked and eaten. Throwing food out or wasting food is abhorrent to us and we do as much as we can to avoid that. We keep a bag in the freezer for scraps to give to a work colleague for her chickens and do everything to avoid waste. mostly though, we just eat the food and freeze the leftovers, there's no big secret to it.

When I looked in the larder the other day, I truly thought it was time for us to go shopping. But I was suffering from what is known as "ingredient blindness". I happened upon an old and hidden bag of split peas. Then in a moment of divine inspiration I remembered Danny had brought home a half-mauled ham bone thingy the day before. And lo, a very tasty, very filling, very army portioned slow cooker full of pea and ham soup was created. Enough for three, with two serves for the freezer.

I'm never exact with my recipes, I'm far too lazy.

But I did use~ split peas, water, chicken stock powder, onion, garlic, ham bone, sriracha sauce. I may or may not have added other things,  creations tend to be a bit 'wait and see' or 'chuck in the pot and cross your fingers'.

But in true Darryl Kerrigan style...Danny is always, always, complimentary about my cooking!


  1. Love this. Finally a good Australian blog with great cultural references. Lisa

    1. Thank you, that’s a really nice thing to say.


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